In 2015 a group of friends joined together to organize a free summer lunch program in Clear Lake, Iowa. As the group began brainstorming and collaborating with others, they realized their dreams for the flourishing of the community extended beyond just the lunch program. In April 2016 Share Life was incorporated as a non-profit in the State of Iowa. 


The mission of Share LIfe is accomplished through vision, creativity, resource development and multi-agency collaboration. Share Life serves the Clear Lake, Iowa Community by partnering with a wide range of individuals and agencies (including businesses, professionals, foundations, schools, non-profit and faith-based organizations) to develop

innovative community projects and ongoing charitable programs that emphasize the following:


  • Building community and celebrating our diversity


  • Expanding, coordinating and bringing visibility to community resources


  • Establishing long-term collaborative projects to address the needs of our most vulnerable and isolated community members through comprehensive services and strength-based approaches - including mentoring, advocacy, outreach and active inclusion in community life

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Share Life c/o Ashley Coleman

18 N 3rd Street; Suite 100 Clear Lake, IA 50428